Vintage Wheels Festival

This is your chance to see some beautiful, restored, iconic wheeled treasures up close. The annual Vintage Wheels Show greets our area during the summer. Winthrop’s old boardwalks and historic character add to the appeal of this event as the historic cars and motorcycles take over all of Winthrop’s main street, the travel trailers will be showcased at the beautiful Pine Near RV Park and antique tractors will be displayed at the Shafer Museum, just 3 blocks from downtown. Antique bicycles will be displayed at the Rocking Horse Bakery. Spectators can easily walk to all the events from Winthrop’s downtown main street boardwalk. Owners of the vehicles are warmly welcomed to the Winthrop Inn each year. If you’re interested in having a sneak peek at all the vintage beauty, be sure to book a room with us. You surely won’t be disappointed.

In addition to Winthrop’s incredible scenery, there are plenty of unique shops, brew pubs, coffee roasters and eateries to enjoy along with the vintage wheels show.