Robot Mop for Hardwood Floors: Product Review

Anybody who has hardwood floors knows how difficult it can be to get them truly clean. This is even more challenging if you have pets that are shedding or small children that are constantly spilling things on the floor. Thankfully, robot mops are getting better and better at cleaning hardwood floors. These robot cleaners  will care and maintain hardwood floors.

However, many people are worried about a robot mop damaging a hardwood floor. If you have a similar concern, you will be relieved to know that most robot mops will not harm your floor. But this does not mean you can just use any mop. Of course, it depends on what model of robot mop you will buy and how you will use it.

The device’s rubber wheels and gentle brushes will not harm hardwood floors if used properly. However, some are designed to be better than others. Proper maintenance is also crucial to guarantee that nothing gets caught in the mop that can potentially scratch the floor. 

How to Avoid Robot Mops from Damaging Harwood Floors

Robot mops are the solution to your floor cleaning problems. You can schedule it to clean even while you’re away.  Most people don’t like watching their robot mop clean because its primary purpose is to clean the floor independently.

But you should do a few things to help your mop clean properly without damaging your flooring.

Remove Large Debris

The wheels of a robot mop can become entangled in big objects such as boulders, plastic, small toys, fabrics, and a lot more. The bot can pull it around the floor if one of these things becomes trapped. Depending on how sharp the item is, it may scrape the bottom.

To avoid scratches and blemishes, pick up any big objects before turning on your mop. 

Pick Up Hairs

Pick up hairs on the floor since excessive hair can tangle around the robot’s wheels. This can cause them to more erratically. Instead of whirling, they might drag on the floor, sometimes causing scratches.

Mop the floor

Check your mop’s wheels to ensure they are clean and not scuffed. You should cut the tangles off if they are covered in hair, threads, or anything else that might prevent them from spinning.

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A Robot Mop Is All You Need For Clean, Better-looking Floors All While Saving Much-needed Time

8 Efficient House Cleaning Tips - Famous & Spang Insurance

Don’t we all need more time on our hands? It’s the most important resource we can’t get enough of. Between work, family, and other responsibilities, you’d be hard pressed to find the time for household cleaning tasks. That is why more and more people have turned to robot mops and vacuum cleaners for help. These machines are not only highly effective, but they prove to be lifesavers that help save time on cleaning.

If you’re hesitant to make the switch, perhaps this article will help you change your mind. But first, let’s look at a quick reminder of why we should always clean our floors and not take it for granted.

Benefits of Regular Floor Cleaning and Mopping

Since childhood, we have all been told that we should clean and mop floors regularly. Of course, the most sensible reason why we should clean and mop is that dirty floors can affect your health negatively. But aside from health reasons, frequent mopping has many more benefits than you may have probably realized.

  • Mopping preserves the floor

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra review: a high-end robot vacuum for a very high price - The VergeNo matter the material, cleaning the floors will make them last longer. Therefore, mopping saves you money in the long run because you don’t need to replace damaged tiles or hardwood.

  • Creates a good impression

Have you ever been to a house that looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in years? You know the feeling, right? First impressions create a lasting impact and are a direct reflection of the personality of the house owner.

  • Prevents Accidents

Clean floors enhance the safety of everyone living in a house. Dirty floors are slipping and tripping hazards that could cause serious falls and injuries. 

  • Decreases Stress Levels

A scientific study says keeping your home clean and tidy is good for your overall wellbeing. Researchers have also found that a dirty and cluttered home makes it more difficult to focus and increases the stress hormone cortisol. 

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