Best Robot Vacuum Deals on Black Friday 2020!

Get Excited for Black Friday 2020 Robot Vacuum Deals!

Mark your calendar: November 27, Friday is Black Friday, which means many items, especially gadgets, will be on sale. If your list isn’t full yet, consider buying a robot vacuum for environment cleaning.

While you’re here, here are some trivia about Black Friday:

  1. The proceeds from sales don’t go to black people. It’s business as usual. Black Friday has nothing to do with giving charity to black people.
  2. The occasion was called Big Friday many years past, but it did not click, so marketers changed it to “black.” For whatever reason, consumers picked up the black and rushed to stores on a Friday after Thanksgiving, hence Black Friday.
  3. Black Friday comes a week after Thanksgiving. You know it’s coming as soon as the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade is over.
  4. In 2001, Black Friday became the busiest day of the year, not Christmas or New Year.
  5. Black Friday is no longer just for Canadians and Americans. More than 15 countries are also doing this tradition today.

Be sure to shop early as thousands of consumers will also be waiting for price drops as well. Catch the best bargain during store opening or even at midnight before the date. Most stores open super early to take advantage of the hype from their customers.

For the meantime, what you need to do is complete your list and prepare your budget before the big day comes!

Craziest Robot Vacuum Deals for Black Friday 2020

Looking for a way to clean your house fast without lifting a finger? You need a robot vacuum for that.


A robot vacuum does all the cleaning without needing your help. All you have to do is to program it and let it work on its own. To understand how it works, make sure to read more about vacuuming on other websites.

Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum

If you haven’t heard of Roborock just yet, then you have to know that it’s one of the hottest robot vacuums today. Roborock devices are famous for their trendy and heavy-duty robot vacuums. Most Roborock cleaners have a smart interface for a complete hands-free performance.

Here is what Roborock can do for you:

Efficient cleaning: Cleans your home fast with astonishing efficiency.

Tech-savvy: Scans and save several floor maps in its memory; designate No-Go zones, recognize steep/elevated floors.

Quiet and convenient: Sleek design for easy storage; works great without interrupting your nap time.

Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum’s price is expected to drop from $649.99 to $419.99 on Black Friday.

Aside from Roborock, here are some brands expected to go on sale on Black Friday:

  •   iRobot Roombas can give a markdown for most of its series as high as $200. Just a heads up, iRobot Roomba i7+ was marked down by $200, and iRobot Roomba 692 offered a $120 discount during Prime Day 2020. They may be on sale for the same value or better this year for Black Friday.
  •   Eufy RoboVacs is also expected to offer a price slash up to $100 – or even more.
  •   Shark will also join the bandwagon. From $599 on its Shark IQ Cleaning Robot, it may give you $100 off, so you only need to pay $499.
  •   Ecovacs Deebot 500 will offer a $110 discount. It may not be the newest model, but it still has many features to boot like Alexa’s hand-free command, auto-recharging, and other features available on other brands. The expected retail price is $169.99, one of the cheapest robot vacuums you can find.
  •    ILIFE V8s is also a great choice. You can customize its cleaning schedule, so it runs any time, even while you’re not home. Choose between its six cleaning models to personalize your cleaning preference. ILIFE V8s is expected to be on sale for $219.99.

–   Neato Botvac D4. The D4 series has a mid-range price that offers several advanced features. It has an excellent mapping technology to follow its cleaning path and prevent it from going to rooms that are not supposed to be cleaned. It goes back to its docking station to charge and alerts you when the bin is already full. Neato Botvac D4’s Black Friday price is $329.99.