7 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners for Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors

Choosing the Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners for Your Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring, otherwise known as luxury vinyl tile (LVT) or luxury vinyl plank (LVP), has become a popular choice for many homeowners today. It offers many benefits as this flooring type is waterproof, low maintenance, non-slip, and easy to install yourself.

However, no matter how low maintenance the floor is, it should be maintained, waterproof vinyl included. The problem is, our busy schedules hardly permit two or three hours of daily upkeep. If you’re one of those people who would instead use the time to relax or catch up with the rest of the family, you definitely need a robotic vacuum cleaner in your life!

OK, let’s say you are already convinced you need some help in the everyday cleaning department, so what now? I suggest familiarizing some of the best choices available in the market. This way, you will know the pros and cons of each model and figure out if you can fit the additional expense in your budget. Of course, if money is not an issue, you can cast a wider net in terms of your options.

But before we examine the best robot vacuum models one by one, consider first the advantages of buying one.

Why Choose a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner to Maintain Vinyl Plank Floors

Why do many people swear that a robotic vacuum is imperative in maintaining vinyl floors, and even most flooring types for that matter? Check out some of the reasons:

  • It saves time. Having something automatically suck all the debris and particles away leaves a lot of room for relaxation and family time.
  • It is safe. There will be no big canisters and endless cords that could trip a person over. Cords are also serious fire hazards.
  • It takes care of different flooring types. Aside from vinyl floors, robot vacuums also do carpets, ceramic tiles, hardwood, and pretty much everything.
  • It makes having pets a little less worrisome. I know we love our furry friends like family, but all of the shed hair is nothing less than annoying. A robot vacuum essentially eliminates the need to pick up pets’ hair.
  • It’s not thorough cleaning, but it’s pretty close. There is no substitute for a big, manual vacuum when it comes to deep cleaning. But for daily use, which is 95% of what we need, a robot vacuum is as reliable as life, death, and taxes. Its small stature allows it to go and clean under furniture and appliances, something everyone honestly hates to do.

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners for Vinyl Floors

  • iRobot Roomba i7+

iRobot is the company that pioneered the robotic home cleaning appliances market and the Roomba i7+ is one of its latest offerings. Featured with the smart navigation system and the remarkable suction power it brings home cleaning to the new frontier – the era of the self-emptying robot vacuums. Several self-emptying models are available on the market today, but nothing changes the game as much as this unit does.

Check out some of its features:

  • Self-emptying, meaning it actually cleans itself after it cleans after you.
  • Has a triple-filter system
  • 0.42 L Dust Bin Capacity
  • Works beautifully with Alexa
  • Connects to Wi-fi
  • Cleans in neat, predictable rows and patterns
  • Navigates around obstacles and stairs

The only thing that consumers complain about is the process of connecting the unit to the Wi-fi. Otherwise, everyone loves its features, suctioning power, and quiet operation.

  • Eufy BoostIQ Robovac by Anker 

If the Roomba i7+ is possibly the best smart robot vacuum around, the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac is in a league by itself when cleaning different surfaces. Most importantly, its BoostIQ technology allows it to clean as efficiently as possible for a thorough cleaning experience.

When it comes to features and design, the Eufy won’t be left behind. It has Eufy app integration and connects to Google Assistant and Alexa.

Here are more of its features:

  • Super quiet and cleans like it’s not there
  • Ultra-slim build that enables it to easily clean under furniture and appliances
  • Anti-scratch, glass-tempered top cover
  • 100 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning in one go
  • Large 0.6L dustbin
  • Perfect for hard floorings like LVP while also capable of vacuuming carpets

Some who have purchased the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac did not like how it gets tangled up with random things. Some also observe that it could get stuck when it cleans under furniture and appliances. Otherwise, it does the job really well.

  • Lefant Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is currently the best-selling robot vacuum cleaner on Amazon, replacing the CyboVac 31, which is pretty good in its own right. If you’re new to this robotic vacuum game, then the Lefant is a good unit to start. It is affordable, with a combination of hi-tech and basic features that makes it a solid choice as a robot vacuum cleaner. Don’t expect it to have top-tier features like Eufy and the i7+, but if you want something that gets the job done, Lefant won’t disappoint you.

More Lefant features:

  • At its price range, it still offers scheduling and app integration.
  • Four cleaning modes
  • 100 minutes of run time
  • Has 6D anti-collision sensors (pretty good for its price range)
  • Brushless motor, perfect for reliability
  • 0.5 L Dustbin
  • Alexa and Google assistant compatible

While its tech and cleaning efficiency is excellent for its price range, you don’t expect to get everything. Some people complain about how it’s made of plastic and the company itself warns that it’s not suitable for high-pile carpets.

  • Shark IQ Robot

Most robot vacuums require minimal human intervention, especially when emptying bags. That’s not much of a hassle, to be honest, but it’s still a chore. What if the robot is working on a schedule and you’re not there to assist? That’s pretty much the problem the Shark IQ Robot solves. It has a technology that allows the robot to empty its contents for up to 30 days.

Here are more Shark IQ Robot features:

  • Supports virtual no-go zones and scheduling
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Rarely gets stuck
  • Have two dustbins, one built-in and the other at the base
  • Has a self-cleaning brush roll
  • Cleans systematically
  • Alexa and Google voice command

Many reviewers say the Shark IQ Robot is a poor man’s Roomba at half the price. They complain about how loud it is and the technology is not as good as other brands at twice the price. Still, if you’re looking for pure cleaning power and its autonomous capacity, the Shark IQ delivers.

  • Coredy R750

The Lefant may be the best robot vacuum cleaner hovering in the $100 range, but the Coredy R750 is not far behind. If we’re talking about features and tech, it may be superior. The features relative to the price make it even more worth it.

It does a fantastic job on every floor — hardwood, vinyl plank, and ceramic tiles — and it’s not bad working on low and medium-pile carpets. And if we’re talking about power, it is at the stronger end of the spectrum, capable of providing 2,000 Pa of suction.

More Coredy R750 features:

  • Has anti-collision technology and quiet operation
  • Five cleaning modes and has automatic dock charging
  • Supports virtual boundaries
  • No roller brush, so it’s easy to maintain
  • 0.5 L dustbin
  • At 2.7 inches, it can easily clean corners and under furniture
  • Triple-filter system
  • Takes 120 minutes in one go

There’s no such thing as a perfect product, and the R750 is no exception. It does not map a room and does not have smart navigation. The R750 also has mopping capabilities, but the tank is sold separately. With that being said, it offers consistency at an affordable price.

What to Look in Robot Vacuums for Vinyl Floor Planks

The robot vacuum market was valued at $2.96 billion in 2020. Needless to say, nobody has monopolized the industry, and there are now hundreds of options available for you to choose from. But then again, what should you look for in a robot vacuum that you should use specifically for vinyl floor planks?

  • You need a robot vacuum that cleans but does not scratch surfaces.
  • A robotic vacuum cleaner for vinyl floor planks should be gentle enough not to remove the natural shine of LVPs while cleaning it thoroughly.
  • An excellent robotic vacuum cleaner in any setting should not get stuck often in random places. Hence, choose something with superior navigation technology.
  • A fantastic robotic vacuum cleaner should also be versatile. Aside from cleaning vinyl floor planks, it should handle other floor types and carpets to add more to its value.
  • Many people could not handle installations and all that handyman thing. If you are that type, ensure that the company’s reputation in helping its customers is top-notch.
  • Go for something that would not break the budget. But, of course, if you are opting for the budget models, temper your expectations accordingly.


From being a luxury item, robot vacuums have quickly become an affordable, must-have appliance for every family. They solve most of our everyday cleaning problems, and that includes finding time-effective ways to keep our house clean. Most of these robot vacuums handle all types of floors, including luxury vinyl plank floors. Every single robot in this list of five will make perfectly good machines if you are looking for robotic vacuums to maintain vinyl plank floors.

Good luck!