A Robot Mop Is All You Need For Clean, Better-looking Floors All While Saving Much-needed Time

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Don’t we all need more time on our hands? It’s the most important resource we can’t get enough of. Between work, family, and other responsibilities, you’d be hard pressed to find the time for household cleaning tasks. That is why more and more people have turned to robot mops and vacuum cleaners for help. These machines are not only highly effective, but they prove to be lifesavers that help save time on cleaning.

If you’re hesitant to make the switch, perhaps this article will help you change your mind. But first, let’s look at a quick reminder of why we should always clean our floors and not take it for granted.

Benefits of Regular Floor Cleaning and Mopping

Since childhood, we have all been told that we should clean and mop floors regularly. Of course, the most sensible reason why we should clean and mop is that dirty floors can affect your health negatively. But aside from health reasons, frequent mopping has many more benefits than you may have probably realized.

  • Mopping preserves the floor

Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra review: a high-end robot vacuum for a very high price - The VergeNo matter the material, cleaning the floors will make them last longer. Therefore, mopping saves you money in the long run because you don’t need to replace damaged tiles or hardwood.

  • Creates a good impression

Have you ever been to a house that looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in years? You know the feeling, right? First impressions create a lasting impact and are a direct reflection of the personality of the house owner.

  • Prevents Accidents

Clean floors enhance the safety of everyone living in a house. Dirty floors are slipping and tripping hazards that could cause serious falls and injuries. 

  • Decreases Stress Levels

A scientific study says keeping your home clean and tidy is good for your overall wellbeing. Researchers have also found that a dirty and cluttered home makes it more difficult to focus and increases the stress hormone cortisol. 

  • Reduces Allergies

Mopping and cleaning get rid of surface dust and allergens. These critters quickly build up on the floors and cause allergies if taken for granted. So the next time you’re sneezing uncontrollably or suffering from watery eyes, try mopping and cleaning the floors first. Mopping can significantly reduce your allergy symptoms, and your home may simply need a thorough floor cleaning.

How Robot Mops Help Save Time

10 Innovative Home Cleaning Solutions That Save Time - Southern Oak InsuranceIt can’t be reiterated enough that regular household floor cleaning is necessary for health and safety reasons. The only problem for most of us is that it takes too much time. Cleaning floors typically involve sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping, not to mention moving the chairs and furniture around. 

With a robot mop, a large chunk of these activities is done for you. These gadgets are easy to use and require as little human intervention as possible. For most robot mops, all you need to do is fill the water tank, fasten the pad, and press the power button. After that, you can ease back and attend to other things. Some models have a scheduling feature, an attribute that allows you to operate the robot mop even when you’re away. Imagine coming back to a home with clean, shiny floors without breaking a sweat!

Choosing The Right Robot Mop

When looking for a robot mop, remember that some models come with built-in robot vacuums while others are designed only for mopping. The hybrid models that can mop and vacuum are a tad bit more expensive than models that can only mop. However, depending on your circumstances, you may want to purchase the combo models for convenience. 

Another thing that you should consider is technology. Some high-end models offer the best mapping features. That means it maps or “remembers” the layout of your house during the initial cleaning and uses this imagery so it can efficiently clean the area every time. The mapping sensors also let the robot “know” which sections have already been cleaned.

Here are some of the best robot mops on the market that are surely going to save you precious time on cleaning:

Roborock S7

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If budget is not an issue, then the best you can buy is the Roborock S7. In fact, the S7 is so good at its job that its price is the only “negative” thing about it. Nevertheless, it has everything you want in a robot mop, and it’s also a robot vacuum. The S7 uses LiDar navigation for its mapping feature, sonic vibration technology to mop floors, and intelligent mop lifting that allows it to recognize carpets. It is also super quiet that you virtually hear nothing as it goes about.

Yeedi K7000

The K7000 from Yeedi has no smart features, so if you put more premium on technology, this is not the right robot mop for you. However, if you simply want a straightforward, zero-confusion model, look nowhere else.

So, how do you operate the K7000? Since it doesn’t have any app integration or voice commands, it comes with an easy-to-use remote control. You can use the remote to manually control directions, or you may push the buttons that act as different cleaning modes for the robot. 

Another thing that you’d like about the K7000 is that its battery probably has the most extended life out of any robot mop on the market. One cleaning cycle of this robot lasts 250 minutes, about an hour longer than most robot mop models. For most of us, that’s pretty convenient.

Samsung Jetbot

Samsung Jet Bot+: обзор, тест, плюсы и минусыThe Jetbot gets the nod here because of its unique features. While the Yeedi K7000 and the Roborock S7 are hybrid or combo models, the Jetbot is only a mop. However, out of all robot mop models, it’s the only one with a handheld mode so that you can use it to clean walls. It also has eight cleaning modes, two water tanks, and smart sensors so it won’t bump into furniture or fall off stairs. 

Again, if you’re big on technology, the Jetbot may not be for you because it lacks smart capabilities. But if tech takes a backseat to practicality, then the Jetbot is one model you should consider.


Our busy schedule prevents us from doing regular floor cleaning maintenance, but you can do something about it. The answer is a robot mop. Robot mops are gadgets or machines with automated cleaning functionalities requiring little human intervention. All you need to do is fill up its water tanks, attach the mop pads, and they are good to go.

Of course, not all robot mops are created equal. Fortunately, there are many options available, three of which are recommended in this article. Ultimately, no matter which robot mop you choose, these dependable little gadgets will surely help save time on cleaning!